What Does Panda Stand For In Rap?

What Does Panda Stand For In Rap?

Sidney Royel Selby III, or Desiigner, is an American-certified music star and young rapper who emerged onto the scene in 2015. “Panda” is the debut single by this talented guy and it peaked at No.1 on the Billboard charts in April, and it has been inescapable since then. It was nominated for Best Hip Hop Video at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

In real life, when you call someone a panda, it means cute or sweet like a panda. Well, here the rapper is not rapping about real pandas, nor has he ever. Desiigner doesn’t have cuddly Asian bears in mind. Rather, he’s talking about a white BMW model X6, whose black front detailing makes it look like a panda. In an interview on Genius.com, Desiigner commented on this, writing, “That’s a fact. The White X6 with the black windows.”

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Desiigner further explained his personal experience that was reflected in the song. According to Desiigner, he was imagining Grand Theft Auto and The Fast and the Furious when he saw a white X6 that inspired him of the Panda emoji.

“I was thinking of Grand Theft Auto. I had seen the Panda emoji. My mind was thinking about all these things throughout the week. It happened like that,” Desiigner wrote. So there you have it. “Panda” refers to a BMW X6 in an unsubtle manner.

Final Words

“Panda” is a song about luxury and wish fulfillment, something made crystal clear in the official music. In “Panda,” Desiigner raps about the life he imagines for himself. The BMW X6 is a luxury car that pre-hit Desiigner could only aspire to get him.

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