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What Does OG Mean? (Uses & Examples)

What does OG Slang mean? Read the article until the end to know how to use it in games and soical media platforms. Read More

If you’re a rap fan, you’ve probably heard the term ‘OG’ before. The word has been around for a long time, but it just resurfaced on the internet with sentences like “he’s the OG” or “that was so OG.” So what is it, what is it even?

The term “OG” is a sign of respect. We’ll explain what an OG is and how to use it to acknowledge someone you admire.

What does OG mean?

This phrase is commonly used in hip hop and rap culture. OG is the long form of “original gangster,” meaning someone who is “the old school” or someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge. In addition, since that time, it has also been used to convey the idea that something or someone is ‘original’—meaning, the first of its kind. A new gangster may think they’re tough, but an “OG” is much tougher.

OG Mean in Gaming

It is a term used mostly in the game Fortnite. It means “Original Gangster”. An OG is the highest level player who’s been playing the game for quite some time, and has a great deal of gaming experience.

Other Meanings of OG

Another meaning of “OG” is “old git.” This is an old term from the 1940s, meaning someone who is cranky, grumpy, or unpleasant.

Here is the list of other meanings:

  • Online Gaming
  • Old Girl
  • One God
  • Offensive Guard
  • Orange Grove
  • Olympic Garden
  • Original Gravity
  • Official Guide
  • Old Glory
  • OutGoing
  • Organic Gardening
  • Organ Grinder

How to Use OG

On social media, people continue to use OG today, especially when discussing pop culture such as movies and TV shows. It’s a pretty common term, so most English speakers or people who spend a lot of time on websites that use English slang will get it.

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Examples of OG

Here are some examples.

OG Example 1:

Haider – Is there anyone who plays the OG?

Sarmad – I heard the player goes to the same school as us.

OG Example 2:

Examples of OG in Social Media

OG is most commonly used in passing sentences, in declarations, and in bios on social media platforms such as Twitter, rather than in full conversations.

These are some examples of how “OG” could be used on social media.

  • It’s me, the OG beauty expert.
  • He is like the OG fantastic.


It is a universal slang term that can be used anywhere, anytime. It is a truly inclusive and personal slang term.

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