What Does Kekw Mean In Twitch Chat & Gaming
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What Does Kekw Mean In Twitch Chat & Gaming? (Uses & Examples)

Don’t you want to know what KEKW means? Don’t worry! We have prepared this handy guide that explains KEKW meaning in clear terms, so you’ll never have to ask dumb questions like, ‘What does KEKW mean?’! Then we’ll explain KEKW’s origin and show you a quick video to make sure you understand everything we’re talking about! So keep reading to find out for sure what KEKW is.

What Does Kekw Mean

KEKW means laughter, so it’s no surprise that the Spanish Laughing Guy image was used to illustrate it on Twitch. You may ask: “But what is KEK?” KEK is the Korean equivalent of LOL in North America or Europe. If you are from the CIS, you may also want to use XAXAXAXA.

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What Does Kekw Mean In Twitch Chat

It was created by FrankerFaceZ to represent laughter whenever something funny happens during streams. Based on the El Risitas clip mentioned above, it became one of the most popular emotes of 2020. You’ll probably recognize LULW by its three-letter meaning, which is similar to LOL but with a W attached to it. KEK is the Korean equivalent of LOL, and shares a similar story. When you write LOL to someone from an opposing faction in World of Warcraft, the message is transcribed to KEK. So if you type LOL to a player from the Horde, they will see KEK, and vice versa. By adding a W to the end, Twitch users can make exaggerated versions of emotes (like LUL and LULW).

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What does Kekw Mean in Gaming?

On Twitch, Kekw is frequently used as a way of telling people you’re laughing or that a comment or meme was funny. In the term Kekw is a picture of a Spanish man, El Risitas, laughing hard. The image was so funny that it became its symbol. Kekw has been around since 2020.

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Text Slang Examples of Kekw

Example 1:

  • Alia –Hey dude, did you see this meme?
  • Hadi – It’s so funny, dude! Kewk!

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