What Does IIRC Mean
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What Does IIRC Mean In Texting? (Uses & Example)

What does IIRC stand for in texting? In this article, we will explain what IRC stands for, where it came from, and how to utilize it.

What Does IIRC Mean

If I Remember (Recall) Correctly is known as IIRC.

An internet slang acronym used politely, sarcastically, or to express uncertainty, IIRC is an initialism.

When people use “IIRC” online, they mean “if I recall correctly or If I remember correctly.” Just like you might use “IRC” in person, it can mean politely, if you’re unsure about something, or sarcastically when you answer a question or correct someone.

IIRC is usually used when people remember something correctly. It’s just to keep a conversation going smoothly. If your roommate texts you, you might reply, “IIRC, you left your keys on the couch again,” or “IIRC, I was the last one to clean out the fridge.”

Other Meanings Of IIRC

Other meanings can also be attached to it, but it’s rare…

  • It Is Really Cool
  • Image Identity Research Collective
  • If I Read Correctly
  • If I remember correctly.
  • Interactive Illinois Report Card
  • If It Really Counts
  • Internet Information Research Center

Text Slang Examples of IIRC

Example 1:

Example 2:

Leo: Did the Germans host the regular Olympics in 2001?
Leena: IIRC, there wasn’t even an Olympics that year.

You can expand your internet vocabulary with other popular initialisms like MBN and IYKYK, which are based on real-world phrases.

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