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What Does HOV Mean? (Uses & Examples)

Would you like to know what HOV means? Or what is the full form of HOV? Are you seeking to know what HOV means? What does HOV stand for? This article discusses meanings , full forms, and slang terms that can be used to refer to HOV.

HOV full form is a “High-occupancy vehicle”.

HOV lanes are one or more lanes on a road that have restrictions on use to encourage ridesharing and reduce vehicle miles traveled. They usually have posted rules. Motor vehicles with two or more people can use HOV lanes; sometimes motorcycles or vehicles powered by alternative fuels (hybrid or electric) are allowed to use them as well.

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In Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, HOV is most commonly referred to as “High Occupancy Vehicle” on social media.

What Does Hov Mean In Rap?

Hov is actually the shortened form of Jehovah, another name for God used by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is best not to use Hov in front of God.

The term “Hov” came from Jay-Z who made it famous. He used to call himself Hov when he would exclaim that he’s the “god of rap.” It’s a play on his name as Jay-Hova or Jay-Hov sounds like Jehovah.

HOV Examples

Here are some examples:

Example: 1

Its beats and rhymes really slay Hov’s new album.”

Example: 2

It’s no secret that Jay-Z is a revolutionary rap artist. I understand why he is Hov.”

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Other Meanings of HOV

Here are some meanings:

  • Hour of Victory
  • Hill of Vision
  • High Occupancy Video
  • Hand Operated Valve


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