What Does GMFU Mean In Texting
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What Does GMFU Mean In Text Message? (Uses With Examples)

GMFU is an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term that can be used to describe: GMFU. ; GMFU. Grand Military Foul Up.

GMFU is popular on social media, in text messaging, and in text.

An internet slang acronym, GMFU means got me fucked up. In case your friend or significant other has done something that you disagree with. Want to know what GMFU means exactly? Find out what it means here on Abbreviations. Texting GMFU abbreviations define the meaning.

What Does GMFU Mean In Texting

GMFU is a texting term that means “got me fucked up”

It is more common for GMFU to be used lightheartedly than negatively in texting.

When you’re in a situation where there is a near or slight misunderstanding that can be resolved quickly, you can indicate what you originally thought, such as “GMFU.”

“GMFU” is another way to show how something makes you feel if you’re laughing.

What Does GMFU Mean In Instagram and More

GMFU is an abbreviation or acronym. It is used in social networking software, including VK, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Instagram. All GMFU definitions can be found here.

In addition to educational terms, there are also medical terms and even computer terms. We would love to know if you know of another definition for GMFU. It will be included in our database when we update it. The acronyms and definitions in this database have been collected after conducting extensive research from various sources. Therefore, we greatly appreciate suggestions for new acronyms.

GMFU stands for “Got me fucked up” in Instagram texting.

Other GMFU Definitions

  • GMFU
    Google Mobile Friendly Update
  • GMFU
    Fez-Safrou, Morocco
  • GMFU
    Grand Military Foul Up
  • GMFU
    Global Mandatory Fair Use

Text Slang Examples of GMFU

Example 1:

Example 2:

  • john: Why are you not answering the phone when you said 10:30?
  • tom: Don’t worry, it’s not that serious
  • john: No, u GMFU


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