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What Does DATY Mean In Texting? (Uses & Examples)

DATY stands for Dining At The Y. A woman with her legs spread performing oral sex.

Would you like to know what the complete form of DATY is? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find out what DATY stands for and what it means in this post, along with various acronyms, abbreviations, and definitions. I’d encourage you to read through all of this post.

What does DATY Mean in Texting?

In this context, DATY refers to giving oral sex, or cunnilingus, to a female partner by eating her private parts, which are shaped similarly to the letter Y.

What does DATY Mean in Twitch Chat, Twitter, Text, Facebook, Tiktok And More?

DATY stands for “dining at the Y”, which refers to giving oral sex, also known as cunnilingus, to your female partner while you eat her private parts.

DATY Meaning / DATY Definition

In DATY, oral sex is defined as “Dining at the Y”.

What is DATY?

The DATY concept stands for Dining At The Y, Oral Sex.

Other Meanings of DATY

  • DATY
    Darwin Award To You

DATY Examples in Text Slang

  • John– Let’s get DATY tonight!
  • Jenny– Ooh, Not I am Ready


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