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What Does CTFU Mean? (Uses & Examples)

If you’ve ever had a text message conversation with someone, then you know how frustrating it is when your buddy suddenly switches from “U” to “C”. A few minutes later, he sends you another text with the word CTFU in it. What does that mean? In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of CTFU and its variations so that you can figure out why your friend sent it to you.

CTFU Meaning

  • CTFU Meaning

CTFU means “Cracking the F***ing Universe”. It is a popular acronym used on the internet, and has become a popular meme on social media. The phrase was originally coined by Reddit user u/dodger_bot and has since been used as an internet catchphrase by many other users online. As you may have guessed, this phrase can also be used as an Instagram caption or Twitter hashtag (#ctfu).

What Does CTFU Mean in a Text Message?

It stands for “cracking the fuck up”. It’s another way of expressing great laughter. While it has no relation to LOL (laughing out loud), or LMAO (laughter my azz off), CTFU means you find something extremely hilarious and find it extremely amusing.

CTFU is when you really laugh hard at something in a text!

CTFU Variations

CTFU is a term commonly used in texting and social media. It means “Cracking the F”, which is the acronym for “Forever Alone”.

It’s also sometimes spelled as “CTFU” or “CFTU”.

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Other Meanings Of CTFU

Other meanings can also be attached to it, but it’s rare to see it used this way…

  • Clean The F*ck Up
  • Cut The F*ck Up

CTFU means “Cracking the F

The meaning of CTFU is Cracking the F.

This is a slang term used to mean that you have broken up with someone. It can also be used sarcastically in a text message or email.

Text Slang Examples of CTFU

Example 1:

John: CTFU

Alex: Tell me! Whats Happen

John: I just seen Mother’s wings after she drank a whole can of Red Bull!

Alex: Please send me a video right now.

Example 2:


The meaning of CTFU can be interpreted in many ways. It is used to express a very positive feeling, but it can also be used as a joke or sarcasm. If you have any questions about the meaning of CTFU in your texting conversations, feel free to reach out and ask us!

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