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What Does Copium Mean In Twitch Chat & Gaming

Copium is a slang term that is seen a lot in the online gaming industry today. What does copium mean? You need to know copium meaning in gaming and twitch chat.

Twitch chat and Reddit use copium a lot, and its use spiked after the recent elections. In 2003, Keak da Sneak released the album “Copium” in the US, which was the earliest known use of the word. An anonymous 4chan user used the word in the /int/ board on social media platforms and forums in 2018. During Twitch chat, COUNCIL uploaded Copium as an emote for FrankerFaceZ. The significance of this emote in Twitch chat is actually quite interesting, even though it’s not that popular.

Copium is a slang term that is seen a lot in the online gaming industry today. What does copium mean? We’ve listed the definition below and provided examples for you to read.

What does Copium Mean in Twitch Chat?

One of the many Twitch memes that has gained popularity among fans is Copium.

In Twitch chat, Copium is used to cope with failure or loss on stream, which is a combination of Cope (creating a psychological defense against harsh truths) and Opium (a drug).

Almost everyone uses it, since the word is attractive and catchy. Copium did not originate with a streamer, as other major Twitch memes did. Rather, it was first introduced on Reddit and eventually gained popularity throughout the United States election cycle.

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Copium Meaning In Gaming?

It is a combination of two words, Cope and Opium. It is a drug that helps people cope, but in gaming, copium has a totally different meaning. Copium in games means coping after losing a game or tournament. However, copium in the gaming community isn’t taken too seriously, but is often used as an expression to cope with a tough situation.

Copium Examples

Here are some examples:

Example: 1

  • Timmy– I think you’re going to need copium once I kill your character.
  • John– Wow, you’re celebrating way too early, man!

Example: 2

  • Tom– I know that loss hurts!
  • Jerry– I will copium later.

How Did Copium Get Popular on Twitch Chat?

Reddit and other social media use it, too. In 2016, r/the_meltdown was one of the subreddits that popularized the word. Left-leaning internet users were upset that Trump won, so it was created.

In 2014, the word originated on 4chan, and was heavily used by right-leaning users on Reddit, Twitch, and others. Before the mail-in votes were counted, several copium emotes looked like Donald Trump would win the most recent US presidential election, but Joe Biden won.

Copium, defined in the Urban Dictionary as “a metaphorical opiate consumed when confronted with loss, failure, or defeat, particularly in sports, politics, and tribal settings,” isn’t that common on Twitch chat, but it’s definitely used in political contexts. During presidential elections, it was widely circulated.


At the moment, the word Copium is very popular throughout the world. In fact, it is practically used by everyone on Twitch, Reddit, and Youtube videos. As people use it in random places, the meaning can sometimes appear blurred. Although it is unique, it has very little chance of dying.

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