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10+ Best Slang Words for Vape (And How to Use Them)

If you’re searching for the best slang words for vape, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, these words will help you communicate with others in the vaping community.

10+ Best Slang Words for Vape (And How to Use Them)
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Vape is a great way to enjoy nicotine without having to smoke cigarettes. If you’re looking to up your vaping game, you’ll want to know about the latest slang words for vape. From “juice” to “boxy,” these terms will assist you in conversing with fellow vapers in a way that’s both fun and informative. So what are you waiting for? Start learning these slang terms right now!

How To Use Slang Words For Vape

  • ADV (noun) – ADV or, in other words, “All Day Vape” refers to a vape flavor that may be used repeatedly throughout the day sans becoming tiresome. (Eg.) A good chunk of Richard’s day had been invested inside a vape shop as he hunted for his personal ADV.
  • Boxy (noun) – A vaper partial to vaping devices that resemble small boxes and use battery packs that can be swapped out when needed. (Eg.) Jack’s trip to that same vape shop again, just what is he going to get this time? The man is boxy, so what do you expect?
  • Cart (noun) – A colloquial shortening of the term “cartridge” that refers to the vape’s fuel or liquid storage component. (Eg.) Kevin’s current cart is damaged and ought to be replaced immediately.  
  • Cigalike (adjective) – A cigarette-shaped electronic vape. (Eg.) Joe is attempting to quit smoking and has started utilizing cigalike vapes as a means of weaning himself off the habit. 
  • Cloud Chaser (noun) – Someone who vapes heavily and produces large puffs. (Eg.) Daniel is learning how to become a more proficient cloud chaser. By manipulating the vapor through his vape, he could make shapes like triangles and rings.  
  • E-Cigar (noun) – E-cigar is an abbreviation for “electronic cigarette,” which is another name for a vape. (Eg.) While Elizabeth has made the transition to e-cigars, her usage is comparable to that of traditional cigarettes.
  • Flavor Ghosting (verb) – Trying out the prior vape flavor upon switching to a brand new one. (Eg.) Peter switched to spearmint, but the chocolate flavor was still flavor ghosting on his tongue.
  • Hit (verb) – To inhale smoke through a vape, in the jargon of the vaping world. (Eg.) Unfortunately for Sean, he is really hitting on all day vaping for hours in order to relieve the anxiety of writing his dissertation.
  • Hookah Stick (noun) – Pen-style recyclable flavored vape. (Eg.) The group stocked up hookah sticks from the gas station for the after-hours celebration at Christian’s farmhouse.   
  • Juice (noun) – A term used by vapers to refer to the e-liquid they use. (Eg.) I didn’t particularly enjoy the juice, so I handed the newly bought vape to Paul.
  • Noob (noun) – In the vaping community, this term refers to someone who has never used a vape before. This word also refers to an individual who has recently begun using electronic cigarettes. (Eg.) Due to his status as a noob, John is indeed familiar with only two variants of vaping at the moment.
  • Skitzin (verb) – To reach a peak of vapor-induced drunkenness. (Eg.) Due to your excessive vaping this afternoon, you are currently in some kind of a sktizin state. I think you should probably cease now. 
  • Vape Whore (noun) – Slang among vapers for an individual who joins an electronic cigarettes forum or network just to get their hands on the freebies and never contributes in return. (Eg.) For about the first hundred users who sign up, this website will send them four vape sticks as a free gift. Once you’ve gotten your vape sticks, you’re probably going to leave, right? My God, such a vape whore.
  • Vaper (noun) – A pun on “user” that refers to any person who uses a vaping device frequently. (Eg.) Susan was initially skeptical; however, after trying vape for the very first time, she was hooked. 
  • Vaper’s Tongue (noun) – This is a typical problem amongst vapers when they lose the ability to taste vape flavors. (Eg.) Dominic, who is widely recognized as a vaping industry specialist, is going absolutely insane because of the vaper’s tongue.

Final Words

Overall, the slang words for vape are incredibly popular and can be used in a variety of ways. From terms for e-cigarettes to flavor names, these words will help you get ahead of the curve in the vaping world. Besides, if you’re feeling particularly cheeky, why not try out some of these slang terms for yourself? After all, who knows, you might just start to love vaping on a whole new level!

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