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15+ Best Slang Words for Teeth (And How to Use Them)

If you’re looking to get your teeth into something new, look no further than our list of the best slang words for teeth. We’re not talking about that tooth fairy stuff; indeed, we’re expressing words that you could use when discussing how friendly someone’s smile is or to warn them if something is making their teeth hurt.

15+ Best Slang Words for Teeth (And How to Use Them)

There’s a good chance that your teeth see more action than any other portion of your body. Teeth play a crucial role in the processing and decomposition of food, provided that you consume meals on a regular schedule. Furthermore, your teeth are often cited as a key component of a successful grin. The ability to laugh confidently depends on having healthy teeth.

The collection underneath contains various common slang terms for teeth that are commonly used worldwide. Many of these could come as a shock to you since you haven’t heard of them before. But just keep one thing in mind, that is, have fun reading this!

How To Use Slang Words For Teeth

  • Chiclets (noun) – The whiteness of the false teeth betrays their artificial nature. The buds from which this slang term is derived are distinctive in their roundness and pure white color. (Eg.) Holy crap, dude, your chiclets are as white as snow.
  • Chompers (noun) – One of the most prevalent slang terms for teeth amongst kids. The term comes from the common practice of tearing apart foodstuff with one’s teeth. (Eg.) Emily routinely practices good oral hygiene. She is extremely meticulous in terms of her chompers.
  • Clackers (noun) – A colloquial term for dental restorations or fake teeth. There’s a chance it’ll be misunderstood as a unique plaything. (Eg.) Peter forgot about his clackers and placed them inside a water cup by the wash basin. How disgusting!
  • Clickers (noun) – Package of removable false teeth or orthodontics. Originating out of the distinctive clicking they produce upon chewing. (Eg.) The clickers that grandfather uses appear to be the real deal.
  • Front (noun) – Dental adornment, sometimes known as sparkle or glitter. Plated forms of either silver or gold are the norm. (Eg.) Emma! Those silver fronts are gorgeous; where have you gotten them? I wouldn’t doubt their authenticity if I saw them!
  • Gnashers (noun) – Jargon term for teeth, particularly dentures, especially in the regions of the United Kingdom. (Eg.) After drinking blackberry juice, Ben’s gnashers became an unnatural shade of black and purple.
  • Snags or Snaggle-Tooth (noun) – Indicates a tooth that is misaligned or otherwise flawed by pointing. (Eg.) Children can develop snags (snaggle-tooth) without worry; those molars are only baby teeth.
  • Railings (noun) – American term for teeth that originated in Britain. The architecture of railings is identical to that of teeth, hence the name. (Eg.) Andrew needs to see a dental professional about his damaged railings. In my opinion, they are not in decent shape. 
  • Rabbit Teeth (noun) – Often referred to as “buck teeth”. It looks like a rabbit’s upper two frontal teeth that have been blown out and pushed forward. (Eg.) Had it not been for her rabbit teeth, Nina might have made it as a supermodel.
  • Peggies (noun) – Cone molars, or baby teeth as they are known in the south, are a specific type of short, conical tooth. (Eg.) Tristan appears to be a shark due to his prominent peggies.
  • Pearly Whites (noun) – This is a popular way of saying that someone has healthy, pure white and tremendous teeth. (Eg.) Dasey has the makings of a superhero! Her killer grin is matched by her flawless set of pearly whites.
  • Ivories (noun) -A widespread sort of slang in the United Kingdom and Australia especially. It points to dentures or a kind of fake teeth, in general. (Eg.) Of course, you’re green with envy over my ivories. To clean my teeth, my dentist employs a high-tech gadget that is very costly.
  • Goofy-Teeth or Goofies (noun) – This phrase for buck-teeth is meant to be disparaging. Goofy is indeed a Disney’s fictitious cartoon character, and the term is a reference to his buck teeth. (Eg.) Geez! If an individual has goofies (goofy teeth), it is not really polite to make a mockery of him or her in front of other people.
  • Grill (noun) – Often pronounced as “grilz”. Grills are ornaments or coverings that are placed around teeth for aesthetic purposes. Gold and silver, which are both very costly elements, are employed. (Eg.) Jackson is simply showing off for his rich family, so excuse him if he seems a little foolish wearing his grill.
  • Grinders (noun) – This term is commonly used to describe an individual’s incisors, the teeth most accountable for crushing food. (Eg.) There are no more grinders left in Granny’s mouth. She’s limited to eating the most mashed and squishy foods solely.
  • Hampstead Heath (noun) – Cockney is a form of rhythmic slang spoken in a certain region of England. An odd colloquial term from the days gone by, this one has its roots in Hounslow Heath. (Eg.) Even though Sam’s Hampstead heath is nearing 70 years of age, it looks fantastic. If you brush your teeth twice a day, that is indeed the result. 
  • Hamps (noun) – This is the modern generation’s abbreviation for Hampstead Heath. (Eg.) Brother! I really need to visit the dental hygienist as soon as possible, since my hamps are hurting me quite badly.

Final Words

In conclusion, teeth are important, and we should take care of them! Not only do they help us eat and speak properly, but they also play a big role in our overall health. Good dental hygiene habits can prevent cavities, gum disease, and other problems. But taking care of teeth isn’t always easy — especially when you don’t have insurance or access to quality dental care. That’s why it’s important to know about slang words for teeth so that you can talk about them with your friends and family members. With the aforementioned list of slang words for teeth, you’ll be able to find the perfect term for every situation.

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