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10+ Best Slang Words for Really (And How to Use Them)

Slang words are picking up momentum with the youth, and it is not hard to understand why. These words have a certain power over them, making them feel cool and in the know. What’s the best way to say “really” when you’re trying to convey your utter disbelief? Good old-fashioned “wow!” just isn’t enough.

You need to be able to let someone know that you’re really, really shocked or surprised without just saying so. The term “really” is used to highlight a point. Expressions of emotion— whether they be happy, unfortunate, angry, disgusted, scared, etc. help to establish a clear portrait of the message we’re attempting to communicate.

10+ Best Slang Words for Really (And How to Use Them)
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The problem is there are a lot of different words for “really,” and it can be hard to tell which one is the most appropriate in each situation. The word “really” gets thrown around a lot. But have you ever considered that there might be other, better words to use in place of it?

Take a look at this list of 10+ best slang words for “really” and find out how you can utilize them the next time you need a synonym. The following slang words are showcases of “really” and are here to add a little spice to one’s everyday chats.

How To Use Slang Words For Really

  • Downright (adjective) – A phrase that allows listeners to understand something as its whole as well as at once. (Eg.) It’s downright absurd to invest in a Playstation without first mastering the game.
  • For All Intents and Purposes (expression) – A professional, all-purpose expression expressing confidence for both the here and now and the foreseeable upcoming affairs and incidents. (Eg.) For all intents and purposes, these trainers will become my standard footwear. 
  • For Real (expression) – To stress the importance of being honest in everyday speech. (Eg.) Margaret is a charming individual for real, irrespective of playing villainous roles on television.
  • From the Bottom of One’s Heart (expression) – Maintain a level of sincerity that comes from inside and uses the whole character. (Eg.) I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that my love for Emma is unrivaled in the history of the cosmos.
  • Hands Down (verb) – To show nothing but love and appreciation. (Eg.) I can confidently say that this is hands down the finest pizza I have had in my entire life till now!
  • In All Sincerity (expression) – The act of making a statement that is genuine and authentic. (Eg.) In all sincerity, Daisy stared at Robert in such a way as a sibling looking at an older sibling.
  • In Essence (expression) – The process of bringing back to an individual’s memory the stated aim or usage of a person or thing. (Eg.) Herding labradors serves mostly as a deterrent towards people with ulterior motives. One of the many reasons to foster a dog or puppy is because of how adorable and cuddly they are.
  • Inarguably (adjective) – Depicting a person or object at its pinnacle of existence. (Eg.) Putting in long hours at work is, inarguably, essential to reaching your ultimate goals and succeeding in life.
  • No Huts, No Buts, No Coconuts (expression) – A form of rhyming euphemism that, regardless of what happens, will make you adhere to the regulations or your prior remarks. (Eg.) No Huts, No Buts, No Coconuts; Henry has committed to taking us out to supper. Therefore, there is no point in hiding under a palm tree.
  • Obviously (expression) – To emphasize how obvious a particular thing might be. (Eg.) Obviously, Jacob didn’t make it to the football game. This is the only explanation why he doesn’t know the final score.
  • Oh-So (adjective) – As a means of emphasizing the extremes. (Eg.) Once Bella learned she was indeed a queen, her mundane oh-so existence was suddenly thrust into the royal spotlight. 
  • Seriously (adjective) – Bring somebody or something into sharp focus. (Eg.) In all honesty, Rebecca is seriously the brightest child in the neighborhood. She was unbeatable in pronunciation contests, mental arithmetic, and random knowledge tests in the scientific fields.
  • Uh-Huh (expression) – Just to get a tacit understanding out in the open. (Eg.) The conclusion of the film might have worked out finer. Uh-huh! As I am not particularly imaginative, I am at a loss as to how else it may have been dealt with.
  • Without a Doubt (expression) – This is a common expression meaning that you don’t have any concerns or uncertainties about the subject. (Eg.) Those years between childhood and adulthood are, without a doubt, the most thrilling of anyone’s lifetime.
  • You Don’t Say (expression) – A satirical take on the word “really”. (Eg.) In general, folks need to cover themselves properly when out in the crowd. Well, you don’t say that. Yesterday evening I saw you wandering the streets, and you were wearing an article of really revealing clothing.

Best Alternatives or Synonyms for Really (Examples-Based Explanation)

  • Absolutely (meaning) – Definitely, Undoubtedly, Unquestionably. (Eg.) There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that you’re the most admirable individual in my circle of friends.
  • Deeply (meaning) – Extremely, Intensely, Severely. (Eg.) I love you very much, and I deeply think we would make an ideal relationship.
  • Earnestly (meaning) – Seriously, Eagerly, Keenly. (Eg.) I earnestly have no doubt that we will remain inseparable companions, and my sincere hope is that our friendship will last a lifetime.
  • Genuinely (meaning) – Honestly, Admittedly, Assuredly. (Eg.) Since I was a kid, I’ve had a huge crush on Emma Watson, genuinely. How much I adore her, I simply cannot put it into words. 
  • Honestly (meaning) – Genuinely, Truthfully, Legitimately. (Eg.) Honestly, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in the opening game of the World Cup. 
  • Naturally (meaning) – Obviously, Clearly, As a matter of course. (Eg.) Upon hearing the news, I had to rush here immediately and naturally.
  • Profoundly (meaning) – Completely, Thoroughly, Totally. (Eg.) We had never done anything like the one we were doing last night, and it was profoundly novel. I hope we get another chance to do this in the future.  
  • Sincerely (meaning) – Truthfully, Wholeheartedly, Earnestly. (Eg.) Do you think we’ll ever have an honest conversation? Just tell the truth for once. Sincerely, I can’t take your constant lame justifications any longer.
  • Truly (meaning) – Honestly, Genuinely, Truthfully. (Eg.) Helen truly hopes very much that you’ll forgive her. However, it’s clear she’s been keeping tabs on you for quite some time. 
  • Truthfully (meaning) – Factually, Realistically, Sincerely. (Eg.) If I’m being completely honest, or in other words, truthfully, I’m not sure if Portugal will even make it to the finals of the World Cup. Although, I hope they do it and title the winners at the end.

Final Words

In conclusion, slang words are a great way to add a little bit of flavor to your language. Knowing a few of the best slang words for “really” can help you express yourself better and sound more natural in conversations. With this list, you are now equipped with some of the best slang words to use in your everyday speech.

These 10+ Best Slang Words for “Really” can be used in almost any setting to express surprise, excitement, and enthusiasm. Whether you’re talking to friends, family, or colleagues, these slang words are sure to make an impression. So don’t be afraid to use these terms to show your personality and make a statement – it’ll make your conversations more lively and engaging. Try them out today and let your true self shine through!

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