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10+ Best Slang Words for Men (And How to Use Them)

Hey everyone, are you looking for some of the best slang words for men that you can use in your everyday conversations? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be listing 10+ top-rated slang words for men that you can utilize freely to amp up your discussions. Some of these words may be new to you, while others you may already be familiar with.

10+ Best Slang Words for Men (And How to Use Them)
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As a man, you know that slang can be your best friend. It can be a way to communicate quickly and easily with your friends, and it can also prove to be a method to express yourself in a fun and unique way. 

However, do you know the best slang words for men? If not, don’t worry, just read on to learn some of the most used words and phrases for men in the present era. From words to use when getting ready in the morning to words to employ when talking to your pals, this list has everything you need to know to sound like a man. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

How To Use Slang Words For Men

  • B (noun) – The English language word “boy” is shortened to “B”. It is an expression of friendliness utilized between male buddies. (Eg.) Hey, B! Are you ready to watch the football match between Argentina and the Netherlands? The team which wins will reach the FIFA World Cup semi-final stage.
  • Babe Magnet (noun) – Men who can charm and captivate women’s attention; thanks to their fascinating personalities and good looks. (Eg.) When it comes to attracting females, Cristiano has no competition. He is a proven babe magnet. The ladies find him tempting because of his elegance and charisma.
  • Baldwin (noun) -The Baldwins (Baldwin acting family) are the inspiration for this jargon term. It’s a word for men who really are considered to be extremely attractive. (Eg.) Walter insists that he’s also a Baldwin and never stops saying so. Clearly, he has a touch of delusion about him.
  • Barney (noun) – A person who is the complete antithesis of a “Baldwin”. Boring, unattractive males are often referred to as “Barney”. (Eg.) It comes as such a shock that Diego is dating someone so stunning and competent. I really don’t understand it because he’s such a barney, in my opinion.
  • Bastard (noun) – Disgraceful males are referred to with this insulting slang term. The word “bastard” actually refers to an illegal offspring. (Eg.) Due to his betrayal of his aunt, who took care of him when no one else would, Daemon earned the title of “big bastard”.
  • Bloke (noun) – This is a British slang term for just about any ordinary person. A bloke, on the other hand, is also considered an idiot throughout most parts of the globe. (Eg.) Emma is having a birthday party that I arranged, but Harry is such a bloke that he told her everything that was going on behind the scenes. This is why I have been so infuriated with him. He really is a jerk.
  • Bro (noun) – A term of endearment for a group of male pals or companions. You can also use this word to call your closest buddies or male friends. (Eg.) Bro, that’s some serious heat! If you missed last night’s game, you ruined a good one. Portugal and Spain played out a nail-biting 3-3 draw, with Ronaldo scoring a hattrick in the dying moments.
  • Casanova (noun) – A good-looking guy who is prone to having extra-marital flings. (Eg.) James Bond’s penchant for ladies and suave attitude have led some to label him a “casanova”.
  • Chap (noun) – This term is used for any male, whether a friend or a complete stranger. In the United Kingdom, this slang term sees widespread usage. (Eg.) Howdy, chap. It would be very appreciated if you could get me a glass of water. I really need to drink water, because I am feeling quite thirsty at the moment.
  • Dreamboat (noun) – Many women’s fantasies center around this one dashing male. Intriguing and attractive enough to be many women’s ideal partner. (Eg.) Jessica claimed she might have paid almost everything to see an Enrique performance since he is such a dreamboat.
  • Home Boy (noun) – Means a group of youthful or similarly-aged male companions in urban slang. (Eg.) Our homeboy is a computer repair whiz. He can solve any software or hardware issue within a matter of minutes if he has the proper equipment available at hand.
  • Mac (noun) – Shorthand for a man you don’t know very well. (Eg.) I’m calling you out, mac! The gym where you were last night is where you left your hoodie. Is it still missing, or have you gotten it back?
  • Mate (noun) – A common form of friendship in Australia where the accent is quite relaxed. You can utilize this slang term not only with friends but as well as with individuals you’d like to chat with. (Eg.) Come on, Steve! Congratulations, you’ve finally arrived at my marriage, mate! You might have missed your plane, so I assumed you wouldn’t be able to make it.
  • McDreamy (noun) – Behaves in a manner identical to a dreamboat. On the contrary, a McDonald’s order is also the equivalent of this slang word. (Eg.) The Vampire Diaries character named Matt Donovan is a true McDreamy. Did you even notice his six-pack? I am totally in awe of that thing!
  • Omi (noun) – The cockney rhyming colloquialism used for men. (Eg.) In order to stock up on food for the upcoming spring season, the omi embarked on his annual hunting trip. 

Final Words

If you’re looking for a way to add some fun and spice to your conversations, you should try out some of the slang words listed above. Not only will they make you sound cool, but they can also come in handy when you need to communicate with other men in a more informal setting. So, if you’re feeling like you need to up your verbal game, start using some of these words today!

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