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35+ Best Slang Words for Butt (And How to Use Them)

From the slang phrases that make us chuckle to the more creative terms that elicit a raised eyebrow, there’s no doubt that slang words for “butt” have become a staple in our culture. But with so many slang words out there, it can be hard to know which are the best and how to use them. Do you know what the best slang words for “butt” are and how to use them?

35+ Best Slang Words for Butt (And How to Use Them)

From bootylicious to apple bottom, there are some hilarious and creative phrases out there to describe your favorite body part. But if you aren’t sure how to use them, don’t worry – we’ve got the scoop on the top slang words for butt and how you can use them in conversation. So get ready to get your booty slang on!  Here, we’ll explore the numerous slang words for the term “butt,” their definitions, and how to work them into your texting and everyday communications.

How To Use Slang Words For Butt

  • Apple Bottom (noun) – Popular American rapper named Nelly created his own line of denim titled “Apple Bottom”. Additionally used to describe a lady who is bottom-heavy and has generous buttocks. (Eg.) In other words, Apple-bottomed women are my weakness.
  • Arse (noun) – Meaning “butt” in British jargon vocabulary. This word may be utilized as an offense in the same way as the word “ass” is employed in the United States. (Eg.) Pablo, if you don’t behave yourself and keep being an arse, you’ll alienate everyone you care about. 
  • Ass (noun) – It’s an American colloquialism for a “butt” in most contexts. Besides, this terminology also has the potential to insult somebody or describe them as a moron. (Eg.) My fiancé is the biggest jerk ass ever. Even though I’m here, he can’t help but check out the competition (other girls around).
  • Back Door (noun) – Alternative slang for “butt” that connotes sexual activity more. (Eg.) I was so fuc*ed up at the party last night that I banged Sasha through her back door. I hope you understand what I am saying.
  • Backside (noun) – It’s a more refined way of referring to your privates (buttocks). If you’re looking for something a little less blunt, this is it. (Eg.) Kindly pardon me, but flashing complete strangers with your sizzling backside is quite inconsiderate.
  • Badonkadonk (noun) – A huge and voluptuous piece of female ass. In the eyes of the public, a badonkadonk is a very desirable trait of a horny woman. (Eg.) Wow, the chick outside there has some tremendous badonkadonk. It’s so fu*king hot that I got a boner!
  • Belfie (noun) – A snapshot taken by a person with the sole purpose of showing off their derriere. (Eg.) My only prayer is that my girlfriend quits using Snapchat primarily for belfies…since her relatives are forced to witness such atrocities. 
  • B-Hole (noun) – A synonym for anus in slang. (Eg.) If you look closely again at this selfie Helen uploaded, you can clearly witness her b-hole. 
  • Bootie or Booty (noun) – Widely used slang phrase for a person’s butt in the United States. Only the posterior of a female is targeted by this term. (Eg.) In a while, I’ll be heading out to the nightclub to perform some serious booty shake dance.
  • Bootylicious (adjective) – A term for a lady who is very desirable in a sexual sense. Destiny’s Child popularized the expression “bootylicious” in their 2002 hit track with the same title. (Eg.) The bootylicious figure of the girl next door is undeniable. 
  • Bum (noun) – Jargon for “butt” in the United Kingdom. The tone of this term is very much more civil than “arse”. (Eg.) Alice declined to expose her bum to the surgeon and stated she felt quite uncomfortable doing so.
  • Buns (noun) – A women’s buttock cheeks. (Eg.) I won’t sugarcoat it; I enjoy spanking big buns.
  • Caboose (noun) – That vehicle just at the end of the train. Alternatively, it can be employed to describe an individual’s butt or ass. (Eg.) Trina thinks highly of her caboose.
  • Cake (noun) – Backside that’s a lot bigger than normal. (Eg.) Allow me to have my cake and wolf down it as well, means exactly what you think it means.
  • Can (noun) – Slang for “ass” with less harsh connotations. If you’re trying to be friendlier, you can utilize it instead of ass or booty. (Eg.) If you allow me, I would like to have a sip of your can later tonight.
  • Derriere (noun) – Alternative French term for “rear end”. Colloquialism for “butt” is less offensive than posterior or rearward and is often used by native English speakers. (Eg.) Look at that derriere, man. I am surely gonna smack that! 
  • Dumper (noun) – This alternative term for “big butt” uses the image of a dump truck to describe the offending anatomical feature. (Eg.) I was crossing the hallway when I encountered a woman with a sexy dumper. Since then, I am only thinking of her.
  • Fanny (noun) – Tween slang for the posterior region. Some cultures give the word a more courteous meaning, making it interchangeable with words like “backside” and “behind”. (Eg.) The little girl’s fanny was so small that we couldn’t control our laughter.
  • Fart Box (noun) – Laugh-out-loud insult for a man’s butt. One’s family probably wouldn’t appreciate hearing this too frequently. (Eg.) When I entered the room, there was a stinky smell all around. I think my roommate’s fart box leaked.
  • Glutes (noun) – An abbreviated form of something like the gluteal muscles (found beneath the buttocks). Fitness enthusiasts and gym rats are much more likely to use this slang term. (Eg.) I plan on targeting my glutes with a training session at the gym tomorrow.
  • Heinie or Hiney (noun) – A rather juvenile slang word for a “butt”. (Eg.) Jenny stomped off after kicking Peter in the hiney.
  • Hindquarters (noun) – Instead of saying “back end,” use this more proper word. Even while it’s usually attributed to humans, it can just as easily be used for any number of different species (especially animals). (Eg.) It’s best not to stroll around a horse’s hindquarters, as this could result in a lunge or a kick.
  • Jatty (noun) – A big, curving posterior that is aesthetically pleasing to many. In New York, this term has some degree of common usage. (Eg.) Oh God, I can’t get rid of Tori Black’s jatty. Whenever I look at her, that thing looks way sexier than before.
  • Junk in the Trunk (expression) – A term used to describe somebody with a big behind or huge ass. While it’s generally positive to tell individuals they need to slim down, doing so can come across as rude and condescending in certain contexts. (Eg.) Sasha got a lot of junk in the trunk. If she wants to marry a decent guy, then she must cope with this first.
  • Keister or Keester (noun) – A term for a lady’s “butt” that is a bit archaic. You don’t hear that as much as you used to, some time ago. (Eg.) Look at her keester; isn’t that far too curvy?
  • Money Maker (noun) – Common slang word for a prostitute’s “butt”. When this term is employed, it is indeed typically referring to a lady or a sexual dancer. (Eg.) On the main stage, Jessica aggressively worked her money maker.
  • Moon (verb) – Throwing your butt out there for others to see, typically as a joke or a shocker. (Eg.) While under the influence of alcohol, my uncle enjoys mooning passing vehicles.
  • Pancake Booty (noun) – Lack of a butt in any way. Normally employed as a slur. You can also make this with tortillas to make tortilla booty. (Eg.) She has a pancake booty, so I declined her advances and efforts.
  • Plumber’s Crack (noun) – This happens when a person’s trousers go lower a little, and their tee climbs up at the exact same moment, exposing the tip of their butt crack. In most cases, this takes place while they are crouching. (Eg.) The length of Brandon’s tank top is insufficient. Now he’s displaying signs of a plumber’s crack.
  • Rear End (noun) – A milder variant of the more common terms “backside” and “behind” for a person’s posterior. (Eg.) Johnny was pointing at Danny’s rear end at the party. I hope he gets it.
  • Rump (noun) – We have yet another euphemism, a nuanced reference to the lateral portion. (Eg.) Look at that rump; I haven’t seen something like this ever before.
  • Seat (noun) – The term “butt” can also be used in a more formal context using this slang term. (Eg.) I want to have that seat tonight if you don’t mind.
  • Tail (noun) – Slang for a woman’s buttocks. In another context, it can mean having sexual relations or sleeping with females. (Eg.) His attention is entirely dedicated to the pursuit of a tail. If he continues to act like that, he will never get a sincere partner.
  • Thick or Thicc (adjective) – This term is used to refer to a female who is large in the bust, thighs, and ass. (Eg.) Rachel’s thick as a jar of peanut butter.
  • Twerk (verb) – A bending-over dance style characterized by fast up-and-down movement of the butt. (Eg.) After Amanda uploaded the footage of me twerking, I felt like the entire world was laughing at me.
  • Wedgie (noun) – When your boxers slide up inside your butt crack, it is called a wedgie. (Eg.) I really need to get rid of this wedgie. However, I do not want to do that in front of soo many people.
  • What Your Mama Gave You (phrase) – A derogatory term for a woman’s posterior. (Eg.) Just rattle and whack the stuff what your mama gave you.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are many slang words that can be used to refer to the “butt”. Whether you want to add a bit of humor to your conversations or just want to spice up your language, these slang words can help you do just that. Use them with caution, though – many of the slang terms for butt can be considered offensive or inappropriate in certain situations.

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