50 Gen Z Slang Words You Need to Know

50+ Trendy & GEN Z Slang Words You Must Know To Stay Updated!

Gen Z (Generation Z) is anyone born in the late nineties. Like all generations, Gen Z-ers speak their own slang and lingo, so it can sound like another language sometimes. You’ll get FOMO if you don’t catch on quick enough. Don’t worry, you’ll learn.

Whether you were at a coffee shop or a grocery store, you’ve probably heard this: passing a group of young adults and overhearing what you consider to be absolute gibberish while you wait in line. You wouldn’t believe it, but those words and phrases you couldn’t understand are actually a language Gen Z kids use to communicate!

The Gen Z generation has their own slang and trendy words that you should learn and use to show how proficient you are in English. Here are the 45+ trending words you should add to your vocabulary and show off your English skills.

50+ Gen Z Slang Words (with Meanings)

We will learn the meanings of each and provide examples along the way so that you keep up with the latest trends of this generation.

If something or someone is extravagant or fancy, you can use this term to describe them.

“Finna” is the shortened form of “I’m going”.

If you say “no cap,” you are being authentic or truthful. Cap is an older but still relevant term.

A simple letter turned into slang, L means loss.

It’s a short form of family, but don’t be fooled – it can also refer to friends or the way millennials use “bro”.

Glow up.
A transformation or makeover from bad to good.

Being the CEO of something means you’ve mastered it or you’re an expert.

Cancel Culture.
An example of cancel culture is shaming public figures, companies, or organizations.

A stan doesn’t mean you’re stalking someone. It’s more of a combination between “stalker” and “fan”.

E-boy or E-girl.
In this case, all they do is express themselves using the internet, like in emo and goth cultures.

It might be just a letter of the alphabet to everyone else, but Gen Zers simply refer to it as “win”.

It is usually something small and extremely adorable.

This ain’t it, chief.
Using disapproval to convey disapproval.

People who are out there and aren’t afraid to take things to the next level.

Replying to something that has been “called out.”

An excellent or very high-quality item is dank.

Ghosting someone means you stop responding to them or ignoring them, which is common during the early stages of a relationship.

A Gen Zer uses this term to express jealousy.

Big Yikes.
When you’re so embarrassed that the word “yikes” doesn’t do the situation justice, you’ll use the slang term Big Yikes.

In simple terms, high-key means the opposite of low-key.

Cheugy isn’t trendy.

A crush who overdoes it for their crush.

It’s ironically trendy. Crocs might be considered to have a camp aesthetic.

Snacks are people you find attractive.

Politically aware is what we mean by “woke.”.

Sip tea.
Sipping tea is a better alternative to spilling tea, since it involves listening to gossip rather than participating.

Take several seats.
Someone getting on your nerves might be able to take several seats if you tell them to do so.

Swag is also known as drip, which refers to sexiness or cool fashion trends.

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An exceptionally good song or album.

When someone is doing something good or looking good, they use sheesh to hype them up.

Generally used in reference to inside jokes or things only understood by a specific group of people, the acronym stands for “if you know, you know.”.

Living rent free.
It means that if something is “living rent-free” in your brain, you cannot stop thinking about it.

Hits different.
A unique or better version of something.

A slang term meaning “yes”. It can be used to confirm something, like the term “word” used by Millennials.

Vibe check.
An energy or mood check.

In this case, the use of this phrase adds emphasis or intensity to the statement.

Catch these hands.
Fight to be started. This term is generally used in a confrontational manner.

In other words, dragging someone means criticizing or making fun of them.

The term “finesse” refers to being able to trick, manipulate, or manipulate anyone or anything in order to achieve your goals.

I’m weak.
The term “I’m dead” is another term for finding something hilarious.

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Main character.
When someone makes a scene, it’s usually when they’re well-liked and charismatic, but not necessarily in a bad way.

When greeting a friend, no matter their gender, this term is typically used to shorten the word “sister”.

Sending me.
If you find something especially funny, use this term.

An exceptional quality.

It’s a quirky word to describe a delicious taste.

The term ‘suspicious’ usually refers to something that is not what was expected, or is suspicious.

It looks really good when someone looks snatched, particularly if their outfit is good.

Lots of money.

Abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time.”. Describes an exceptional person.

“Yeet” is another African American vernacular English word synonymous with “yes.”

It is a slang term for “car” used by Gen Z.


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