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20+ Let That Sink In Memes That Had Us Laughing

In some cases, memes emerge from nowhere. Other times, a good pun can escalate content from something funny to meme status. You may have never thought twice about the literal meaning of the phrase “let that sink in,” but when you take it literally, it can be very funny.

There are two ways to interpret this meme. The colloquial meaning refers to the need to think about something more deeply in order to grasp it. Alternatively, this meme could mean that you are allowing a sink, such as one used in the kitchen or bathroom, to enter a house. These two interpretations of the phrase are juxtaposed in this meme which makes it laughable.

As well as the inappropriate content of the meme, the image editing is also hilarious because the quality is just so terrible. The images are sometimes so sloppy and poorly edited that they become horrific and hilarious.

Let That Sink In Memes

  1. Let that sink in!
Source: Twitter
  1. Knock knock… can you take a moment to let that sink in?
Source: Lucas M. Land

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  1. Let the sink in! LET THE SINK IN!!!
Source: Reddit
  1. Let it in, whether it’s a real sink or a virtual one.
Source: Know Your Meme
  1. Let it sink in that you’re the youngest you’ll ever be and older than you’ve ever been…
Source: Imgur
  1. Let it sink in even for a moment.
Source: Reddit

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  1. Sloths have also accepted it, albeit slowly.
Source: Quick Meme
  1. Let that sink in sometimes has both meanings for us.
Source: Ah See It
  1. That makes this meme even more sink-in-worthy since 1990 was 32 years ago!
Source: Pinterest
  1. Sir Sink, you may come in now.
Source: Reddit
  1. Two jokes in one! Now let that sink in…
Source: Facebook
  1. Every day, we are getting closer to the end of the world… Just for a minute, let that sink in…
Source: Me.Me
  1. What’s this sink doing in the doorway again?
Source: Me.Me
  1. Cat loading. Must. Let. Sink. In.
Source: Know Your Meme
  1. Another version of a classic meme.
Source: Red Bubble
  1. Maybe you can let the sink in for some tea?
Source: Imgflip
  1. Let that sink in for a minute. Identical twins know what the other looks like naked.
Source: 9gag

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  1. So, plastic dinosaurs are real dinosaurs? Let that sink in…
Source: 9gag
  1. How many times before it sinks in?
Source: Reddit
  1. You need to let that sink in. It’s a random fact you probably haven’t thought about.
Source: Imgflip
  1. The following sink type may be worth considering.
Source: Meme Guy

Let’s all get in sync.

source: me.me


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